Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Line tests

Because I have spent the last year and a half stagnating in my previous job, I realised I have very little animation that I have done recently. To remedy this I have embarked upon a quest to create some animations to replace the old (and very crappy) stuff on my reel. 
This is the start of a walk cycle. I plan it to be a Ben10 walk cycle because I love the original show and his name is Ben, so we have a connection already. Hopefully I can add a transformation or two in there eventually.

The second test is something i'm playing with for maybe an intro animation to my show reel or something. Just a round creature thing doing a flip. Yay for round flippy creatures!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Well looky here. The first post of a new blog and similarly a new phase in my life. To comemorate this event I thought I'd chuck up a few sketches from a drawing group in Jo-burg. Let it commence!

These are from the first group I attended. Just trying to feel out poses...

 I don't know why but I like the flow of this one.

Some other sketchy quick ones. Yoga people are so damn stretchy.