Thursday, 29 December 2011

Post Christmas ramblings

Well Christmas has come and gone. I was required to spend Christmas with the family and I performed dutifully. Flying down to the coast for Christmas eve and day. As much I enjoy observing people splurge on useless items and listening to racist relatives, I found myself remembering an episode of  the animated series 'Invader Zim' by Jhonen Vasquez. Indeed the image of a humongous Santa attacking a domed (and quite possibly doomed) city pleased me greatly, and I dutifully produced this sketch over breakfast on Christmas morning.

Now that Santa was in my mind (a horrible thought indeed) I could not resist sketching another attack on the dome while waiting for relatives to sort out their quarrels. I did some quick marker colour on it. Yes die hard fans, the dome should be purple. I didn't have the colour so sod off...

Lastly, as Christmas drew to a close. I sat in the airport terminal waiting for my flight home. I started sketching some creature thing. To keep in the Christmas theme I added the obligatory fluffy hat. I have now decided that everything creepy looks better with Christmas props. I may have freaked out the people sitting next to me in the terminal but hey, what ya gonna do?

Happy holidays to everyone!

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I stepped in a poodle!

I'm part of a doodle project with a few other people. A word is given roughly every two days and people make sketches or paintings to represent it. I'm very thankful for it as it slaps me in the face and reminds me I need to draw more often.

This is from a recent one. The word is (you guessed it) poodle. I liked the twist of the old joke: It's raining cats and dogs outside! I accidentally stepped in a poodle!

Wordplay is fun!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kung fu and a field of moose

I recently became obsessed with a certain practice movement I was shown in Kung fu. Probably because I couldn't get the arms right when I tried it (It's harder than it looks).

It then occurred to me that it is a perfect example of arcs in movement. Indeed one of the martial arts main principles is using the natural arcs of movement to defend and attack. So I did a quick line test thing to try and capture the flow.

The smoke was for a bit of flair. You GOTTA have flair!

Then there is this. Ummm... It stems from a conversation about the cliched 'run across a field to embrace your lover' moment in films.
The friend who I was having the conversation with is a huge fan of moose (Yes that is the plural) and insisted the scene would not be complete without it.
So I did a quick speedy paint thing. here you go.