Thursday, 29 December 2011

Post Christmas ramblings

Well Christmas has come and gone. I was required to spend Christmas with the family and I performed dutifully. Flying down to the coast for Christmas eve and day. As much I enjoy observing people splurge on useless items and listening to racist relatives, I found myself remembering an episode of  the animated series 'Invader Zim' by Jhonen Vasquez. Indeed the image of a humongous Santa attacking a domed (and quite possibly doomed) city pleased me greatly, and I dutifully produced this sketch over breakfast on Christmas morning.

Now that Santa was in my mind (a horrible thought indeed) I could not resist sketching another attack on the dome while waiting for relatives to sort out their quarrels. I did some quick marker colour on it. Yes die hard fans, the dome should be purple. I didn't have the colour so sod off...

Lastly, as Christmas drew to a close. I sat in the airport terminal waiting for my flight home. I started sketching some creature thing. To keep in the Christmas theme I added the obligatory fluffy hat. I have now decided that everything creepy looks better with Christmas props. I may have freaked out the people sitting next to me in the terminal but hey, what ya gonna do?

Happy holidays to everyone!

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