Thursday, 1 December 2011

Kung fu and a field of moose

I recently became obsessed with a certain practice movement I was shown in Kung fu. Probably because I couldn't get the arms right when I tried it (It's harder than it looks).

It then occurred to me that it is a perfect example of arcs in movement. Indeed one of the martial arts main principles is using the natural arcs of movement to defend and attack. So I did a quick line test thing to try and capture the flow.

The smoke was for a bit of flair. You GOTTA have flair!

Then there is this. Ummm... It stems from a conversation about the cliched 'run across a field to embrace your lover' moment in films.
The friend who I was having the conversation with is a huge fan of moose (Yes that is the plural) and insisted the scene would not be complete without it.
So I did a quick speedy paint thing. here you go.

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