Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Panda! It walks

So in an effort to say thanks to my friend Stuart Coutts for inspiring me to get my butt into gear, I decided to model and rig a Panda he designed. I decided to teach him how to walk as well. This was all done in one weekend so a lot of tweaking needs to be done.

Thanks for inspiration Stu!

Yes, the rig broke. Yes, I will fix it. No, the panda did not receive any injuries.


  1. PANDAAAAAA!!!! Dude you rock my world, sheezzee it's been a while since I saw that panda :) You make me happy guy!

  2. (oh, in the original story the panda gets squished, but shh don't tell him :D)

  3. Thanks dude! I need to fix him. I'm gonna make his eye sparkles part of the mesh and do a proper weight painting job. Of course he must now have a squish control! Then i'll send him to you so you can play! :D