Monday, 20 February 2012

Just some fun

I'm a big fan of the radio show 'The Fresh Drive' on 5FM radio station. The other day they created a spoof of Ben 10 called Sibusiso 7 with South African flair. I pictured the characters in my head and I couldn't stop laughing.
So, I decided to do some quick sketches. Looking at them now they look so stupidly ridiculous but I don't care. It was just for fun and I didn't spend time trying to get perfect designs. I think it should just be about the fun sometimes. A good idea to apply to life in general.

The heroes unite
With the power to cut anything
Infinite toughness
My personal favourite. Eat chip oil you fiend!
You're not getting past this minibus taxi!

I kind of can't remember the rest of the radio spot so I'm not sure of the other powers. I think there's a sangoma in there somewhere. Frikkie also needs his harvester power I know that. Oh well, if I feel like it I might draw them as well.

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